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We’re passionate about mobility and use our deep knowledge and experience to craft the right solutions for each disability or challenge.

  • We’ll guide you through the assessment, and work out the best wheelchair | cushion | accessory | assistive device for your condition, lifestyle and budget.
  • We’ll source, assemble, fit, tweek and get you going.
  • We’ll support and train those caring for you…
  • And when things break, or when you grow – we’ll be there for you too.

Having issues with mobility is difficult enough - why compound the situation with ill-fitting or inappropriate equipment. To find out more about what we have to offer or for the inside track on how to choose a wheelchair, look at our products pages; for our assessment, training or advisory services, or to make an appointment click on our services.

hot news 
Atubi Stretcher

We are delighted to introduce our new range of evacuation / transfer products. Designed and manufactured in South Africa, the Atubi equipment is high quality, compact, durable and affordable.
Both products are tested for up to 300kg and allow for transit by one or more people. They are highly manoeuvrable through confined spaces and up & down stairs.
The stretcher, left, provides greater rigidity for patient transfer, while the chair can function in either sling or flexi-stretcher mode.
More info will follow shortly, but in the mean time, Contact Tina on +27 11 440 8226.

Atubi Evac Chair
A must for every Hospital, Care Facility, Office, School, Mine, Factory or Stadium!


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